What is Code Red Diet? Review *2021

Code Red Diet and Code Red Diet Rules. If you have been following the low-carb diet revolution lately, you have surely heard of the celebrity chefs John Deneder and Michelle Obama employing the popular code red diet. There is a great deal of buzz about this latest trend in the nutrition world, but what exactly are the Code Red Diet Rules? Can anyone really follow them to lose weight? Well, read on as we take a look at the facts!

Code Red Diet Rules

code red diet

code red diet

The basic premise of the Code Red Diet Rules is that you should count calories and reduce fat intake in order to lose weight. You may have heard this many times before but it still holds good even if you are not following this particular brand of low-carb diet. Counting calories and reducing fat intake isn’t all that different from other fad diets in the sense that you still need to burn more calories than you consume in order to drop pounds. This is where the spiritual roots of the Code Red Diet kick in!


That said, there are some interesting differences between the Code Red Diet  and the fad weight loss programs of the past. The first thing that strikes you as odd is the focus on losing belly fat. The authors clearly don’t believe in liposuction as the best exercise to lose belly fat. According to them, exercise is the best combination for effective weight loss. Some of the Code Red Diet  also recommend yoga and meditation as calming exercises.

The biggest surprise to me was that they recommend ten rules for people trying to lose weight. The ten rules include: Don’t count calories. Eat only six meals a day. Drink no more than eight glasses of water a day. Stop snacking between meals.


These are obviously not the normal diet tips you might find in a lifestyle magazine or at the local fast food restaurant. However, the ten rules are also not lifestyle changes you would find in a typical weight loss magazine either. You might wonder why I would spend money for the information when it was provided free on the Cristy Diet website.


The answer is simple. The Cristy Diet is one of the few diet plans endorsed by both a Hollywood celebrity and a well-known doctor. Dr. Tao of the Taoist Academy recommends the Cristy Diet Rules. He says that the rules “are scientifically proven,” and that “they have been used successfully by many individuals to achieve their weight loss goals.” In addition, Dr. Tao says the code is “very easy to follow and understand.” Therefore, he encourages “all persons who are serious about their desire to lose weight” to use the Cristy Diet.

Code Red Diet Food List

The code red diet food list is very similar to other diet programs in that it promotes eating the right foods in the right amounts at specific times. The difference lies in the dieter’s mindset. That is, the code red diet is more about achieving a specific goal (losing weight) than it is about losing any type of weight in general. The belief of the code red diet is that overeating is bad for the body and should be avoided. Therefore, while the Cristy Diet is not about losing weight overall, it is about losing some weight in the short term (short term weight loss).


However, this short term weight loss is achieved by eating foods rich in the following: carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals, and salt. This is unlike most diets which have a list of items that are prohibited and a list of foods that are permitted. Also, this diet has a list of “healthy fats” which includes coconut oil, olive oil, and butter. This healthy fats are not considered unhealthy and are known to be beneficial fats. This list and other facts about the Cristy Diet can be found on the official website.


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